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If you have a minor on set, you may also need a certified studio teacher.


This is me: Lynne Martin

Hi, I'm Lynne Martin, but my students call me "Miss Lynne." I'm a licensed K-12 teacher with experience as a tutor and an on-set studio teacher. I have extensive experience working one-on-one and with small groups of students and providing study skill training and educational support in addition to instruction in core subject areas. I not only help my students learn, but help them to "learn smarter" in the most efficient and effective way. This not only saves them time but helps them develop confidence that they can balance both school and acting successfully.

I have two adult daughters (one is an actress in LA, the other a musician in Nashville) and have worked as a dance instructor and in children's theatre for over 20 years. I was also the founder of after-school enrichment classes in subjects such as etiquette, public speaking, and personal finance. I bring a wealth of understanding and experience when it comes to working with children in general and with the needs of child actors in particular.


I'm production-friendly and always strive to support the right balance between the needs of the minor, the parent, and the production. I pride myself on being flexible, prepared, and professional, and am able to work in the US and abroad.

CA Studio Teacher # 160243

Licensed K-12 Teacher 

Welfare Worker: 15 days - 16 yrs

Outdoor Film Set

Why do you need a studio teacher?

Many states and SAG productions require an on set teacher. These specially trained professionals are aware of working conditions on set and are responsible for such factors as:

1. Hours on set

2. Working conditions

3. Physical surroundings

4. Signs of minor's mental and physical fatigue

5. Demands placed upon minor in relation to minor's age, agility, strength, and stamina

The studio teacher is authorized by the state to take remedial action if needed.  

A studio teacher also provides the required 

hours of education each day!  


Some production companies I've worked with recently include...

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